Group Bible Study

Group Bible Study

10 Reasons to Participate in a Regular Group Bible Study

  1. It builds community and belonging in our church.
  2. Small group Bible study develops real friendships in Christ.
  3. It is a community of love in my church that can overcome any challenge.
  4. Bible study creates fellowship with other people who have similar beliefs.
  5. It gives us a safe place to work out our personal faith/life issues.
  6. Now we have a structured, scheduled time to refocus our lives on the Lord.
  7. Participants discover other people in the community who can help them on their journey.
  8. Small group Bible study shows how God reacts to our human ways and fosters personal self-reflection.
  9. It helps us to accept others and ourselves as flawed human beings striving toward God.
  10. The example of others in the group inspires us to do better.

Source: Ascension:The Faith Formation Leader; Top 10 Reasons for Small Group Bible Study by Karyn O'Neel, Sept 2019

Consider joining the Tuesday Night Bible Study at St. Mark UMC.  
•    6:45 P.M.             The Gathering
•    7:00 – 8:00 P.M.  Studying God’s Word
•    8:00 P.M.             Prayer Circle    

We invite you to join us via teleconference at 425-436-6377, Access Code 837266