The Youth Ministries work with youth to develop ministry projects and programs so that the youth in the congregation and community will grow in faith as Christian disciples. They work with other church leaders, youth and their parents to address the needs and opportunities for youth to grow up healthy and safe. Our youth are a vital part of St. Mark. Some of the opportunities include:

Acolytes Ministry

As part of the Worship Ministry, the Acolytes light the candles to open the service. They start at age eight and end at about age thirteen. They are trained to bring the light into the church and take the light out to remind us to take our light out into the world. 

God’s Glory

On any given Sunday, God’s Glory graces us with liturgical dancing that lifts our spirit. This ministry is lead by our own young entrepreneur Natayia Riley, owner of Endless Boundaries Dance Studio (EBDS), LLC

Girl Scout

Troop 2368 celebrates Girl Scout Sunday at St Mark. The ladies earned several badges and pins. They have hosted St. Mark Community Day which received recognition from Maryland State Delegate Mark Chang.

Trunk or Treat

As an alternative to trick-or-treating on Halloween, youth and young adults can come to St. Mark for a fun filled night. The youth come dressed in their costumes and fill their bags with candy and goodies from decorated trunks. In the fellowship hall, there are a variety of games for all.


The youth, young adults and adults participate in presentations and plays depicting important stories in the Bible. 

To learn more about these opportunities, contact us.