United Women in Faith (Formally UMW)

United Women in Faith

The United Women in Faith (formerly United Methodist Women) member is a woman who finds meaning in her spirituality through fellowship , bible study, worship, and outreach opportunities. The United Women in Faith is a mission-based organization that was started over 100 years ago. It was first organized in 1869 in Boston, as a response to a lack of women’s health care in India. We are a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of missions through participation in the global ministries of the church. Our focus is on ministries with women, children and youth. Our mission initiatives include providing opportunities to grow spiritually, equipping women and girls to be leaders, providing transformative educational experiences, organizing for growth and flexibility and working for justice through service and advocacy.

In an effort to afford all women in the congregation to join and/or participate, the United Methodist Women of St Mark holds two group meetings per month. The “Unit” meets the second Wednesday of each month during the afternoon and the “Circle” meets the second Thursday of each the month during the evening. As needed, the Circle and the Unit come together for joint meetings. They annually join during the holiday season for fellowship as well as to discuss business for the upcoming year.

On a yearly basis St Mark’s United Women in Faith plan and carryout projects that enable the organization to fulfill their purpose. The projects have benefited New Eyes for The Needy; St Jude Hospital; Board of Child Care, local women’s prison, shelters, nursing homes and hospitals. Mission giving is the foundation for mission work through the United Methodist Women. 

The United Women in Faith are thankful that God continues to bless the group as they can share their time and talents with others.

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