Stewardship Theme 2022

As Disciples of Christ, we are called to serve and to give generously of our praise, our talents, our time, and our treasures. Many in our faith community as well as our physical community are suffering and need help. As a church, we have a lot to give. God has blessed the church and its members with various gifts and treasures, and we have a mandate from above, to be a blessing to others. The suffering from loss of loved ones, loss of job and financial instability, loneliness, illness is not unique to our community. What is unique is that we have never seen this much pain and suffering around us before and the church must take the leadership in healing, helping, and inspiring our community. You can see examples of how St. Mark is helping the community by reading the St. Marker Newsletters.

We invite each individual and every ministry within St. Mark to join in this exciting journey of Stewardship: "God’s Gift to Me…My Gift to God, Freely You Have Received, Freely Give." for 2022 and beyond. To learn what stewardship means to you, we invite you to explore YouVersion's Bible Plans and join us in A Prayer For Generosity.

Together we can make a difference. Please don’t wait to be asked to help but joyfully volunteer your praise, your talents, your time and your treasures. “For God loves a cheerful giver”. Please contact the Stewardship Committee at or contact the church office at 410-859-5352 for further information

Connecting With You

  • Each month, St. Mark will celebrate God who gives each of us comfort and strength to move forward. There will be a ZOOM call to highlight milestones of our membership (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, praise reports and prayer requests). It will be a time to give a shout-out, words of gratitude, laugh a little, and connect one with another. See the News and Events Item for more details
  • A letter writing initiative will inspire each of us to give of our time, talents and treasures for the glory of God. Be encouraged by reading one such letter "Two Hands". There will also be a call campaign to stay in-touch and let you know we are concerned and care for your well-being. We will offer our assistance where possible or direct you where best to receive support as we get through this pandemic together. We are very interested in connecting and hearing from you with your praise reports or prayer requests.